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Travel Hockey Tryouts ***Please Read***
NCWC Parents, If you have a child who is trying out for one...
NCWC Travel Hockey - Mite Tryout Process 2014-5
Mite Parents: Our season is fast approaching and we wanted to...
NY ISLANDERS vs. BOSTON BRUINS @ Bridgeport Arena (October 3)
Members, This event is now SOLD OUT but we have secured an extra...
Travel Hockey Tryouts ***Please Read***
by posted 08/27/2014

NCWC Parents,

If you have a child who is trying out for one of the following teams-Squirts, Girls U10, Peewees, and Bantams- next week, please read the following.

As a reminder, we will be holding voluntary pre-tryout skates for most age groups over Labor Day weekend.  These sessions are designed to allow our players to prepare for the upcoming tryouts in a stress free environment – no evaluations, rankings or assessment will take place during these clinics.  Full equipment is required.    

Saturday, August 30 (all at Darien Ice Rink)

  • Squirts/Girls U10:  9:00 - 10:10 am
  • Pee Wees:  10:20 – 11:30am
  • Bantams:  11:40am – 12:50pm

Sunday, August 31 (all at Darien Ice Rink)

  • Squirts/Girls U10:  9:00 - 10:10 am
  • Pee Wees:  10:20 – 11:30am
  • Bantams:  11:40am – 12:50pm

Actual Tryout Schedule:  

Tryouts will begin for our Girls U10 team immediately on Monday, September 1 and our Squirts, Pee Wees and Bantams on Friday, September 5.  As in past years, our players will be assessed by a number of non-parent evaluators. These tryout sessions are mandatory for those who wish to play travel hockey at the NCWC next season.

Please note that the Girls U10 tryouts are open to all girls with a birth year of 2004 and 2005 and any 2006 birth year girl who has travel hockey experience.  The roster for this team will be posted before our tryouts on Friday, September 5, so girls who do not make the Girls U10 team are welcome to try out for one of our coed Squirt teams.

Monday, September 1 (Chelsea Piers-North Rink)

  • Girls U10:  4:00-5:20 PM CHECK IN begins at 3:15pm

Wednesday, September 3 (Ridgefield Winter Garden)

  • Girls U107:30-8:30 PM

Given the large number of Squirt registrants for this upcoming season, we have decided to modify this tryout a bit in order to properly evaluate each player.  After the first session, which all Squirt level players must attend, we will break the players up into two groups such that our coaches and evaluators can better evaluate the prospective travel player.

Friday, September 5 (all at Ridgefield Winter Garden)

  • Squirts:  5:40 – 7:00 pm  CHECK IN begins at 4:45pm
  • Pee Wees7:10 – 8:30pm CHECK IN begins at 6:15pm
  • Bantams8:40 – 10:00pm CHECK IN begins at 7:45pm

Saturday, September 6 (note rink location)

  • Squirts (Group I):  8:00 – 9:20am (STR West) (Group I players to be posted Friday 9/5)
  • Squirts (Group II):  3:50 – 4:50pm (Darien Ice Rink) (Group II players to be posted Friday 9/5)
  • Pee Wees:  5:00 – 6:00pm (Darien)
  • Bantams:  6:10 – 7:10pm (Darien)

Sunday, September 7 (all at Darien Ice Rink)

  • Squirts (Group I) – 7:30 – 8:40am
  • Pee Wees – 8:50- 10:00am
  • Squirts (Group II) – 10:10-11:20am
  • Bantams – 11:30am – 12:40pm

Check In procedures for Tryouts:

Please follow the CHECK IN steps below for TRYOUTS:

Girls U10: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 at Chelsea Piers (North Rink):  

  • Girls U10:  CHECK IN begins at 3:15pm

Squirts, Peewees, and BantamsFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 at the Ridgefield Ice Rink.

  • Squirts:  CHECK IN begins at 4:45pm
  • Pee Wees:  CHECK IN begins at 6:15pm
  • Bantams:  CHECK IN begins at 7:45pm

The CHECK IN process for each respective group will be CLOSED 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START of their skating session.  Thus, please arrive early as we will not be processing any late arrivals.  

***We cannot make any exceptions if you do not follow all of these steps.

Please bring the following:

1)  Birth Certificate or Passport – If your son or daughter HAS NOT played travel hockey at the Winter Club, you will need to bring a COPY of his/her birth certificate or a COPY of his/her passport on September 1 (Girls U10) or September 5 (Squirts, Peewees, and Bantams).  This information needs to be verified by the CHC Registrar & USA Hockey; the Winter Club’s Registrar will immediately shred all of these documents after verification occurs sometime in September. 

*Exception:  If you are new to the Winter Club and are CERTAIN that your skater’s age has been validated by USA Hockey through a previous program's Registrar, you do not need to bring any age verification documentation to tryouts.  The Winter Club's Registrar will double check that this verification was correctly acknowledged by USA Hockey.   

Please note that all players, who played LAST season (2013-14) for a Winter Club TRAVEL team, do not need to bring any age verification documentation as USA Hockey has already validated the age of your children.  You will never be required to submit this information again to USA Hockey. 

2) Enrollment Check – You will need a separate check for EACH child you have trying out made out to New Canaan Winter Club. 

Pricing for Squirts/Girls U10Peewees, and Bantams is:

This pricing will cover the bulk of the fees for the entire season, including the additional ice time that we have secured and the new team jerseys that we have ordered.  Depending upon specific team charges, there may be additional charges or a credit later in the season.  If your child does not make one of the travel teams, we will shred your check.  Please contact Glen Reid at   if you have any pricing questions. 

3) Consent to Treat - A Consent to Treat form must be on file before your children can step onto the ice.  Please submit to Annie Watson per the previously posted registration instructions that are still listed on the Winter Club's homepage under Register Online

4) Lake Placid Forms – These Documents are not yet available as CANAM is working on making this an online registration process.  We will know more next week and let you know what the next steps are.   

Teams that will be going to Lake Placid from November 6-9  are:  Squirt A, Girls U10, Squirt B, Peewee A, Peewee A1, Bantam A, and Bantam B.  

UPON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF STEPS 1-4, EACH PLAYER WILL BE GIVEN A PREASSIGNED JERSEY TO WEAR FOR TRYOUTS.  Please note that these jerseys will be collected after tryouts are completed for each respective group on September 7.   

We are excited about this upcoming hockey season and appreciate everyone's cooperation in making the CHECK IN process a smooth one.

Thank you,
Hockey Policy Committee

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NCWC Travel Hockey - Mite Tryout Process 2014-5
by posted 08/25/2014

Mite Parents:

Our season is fast approaching and we wanted to post everyone on the tryout process for the 2014-5 Mite season.  Given the large number of Mite aged players, we will follow a similar tryout procedure for this age group as we did last season.  Rather than select teams after 3 tryout sessions in early September, we will evaluate all Mite level players during the first few weeks of September, starting Monday September 8.  While our goal remains to find a spot for every Mite aged player who wishes to play travel hockey, only those players with the skill and maturity levels appropriate for travel hockey will be offered a spot.  Please also consider that strong commitment to attending practice and games is important for the success of our program. Attendance at tryouts is mandatory except for extenuating circumstances and we have scheduled our weekend tryout scrimmage games to minimize if not completely avoid fall sports conflicts.

Week One.  Players should attend the tryout corresponding to their birth year.

  • 9/8   5:10-6:10pm (Ridgefield):  2006s
  • 9/8   6:20-7:20pm (Ridgefield):  2007s-2008s 
  • 9/12 5:40-6:40pm (Ridgefield) 2007s-2008s
  • 9/12 6:50-7:50pm (Ridgefield) 2006s
  • 9/13 7:00-8:00am (STRE) 2007s-2008s (inter squad games)
  • 9/13 8:10-9:20am (STRW) 2006s (inter squad games)
  • 9/14 7:00-8:00am (Darien) 2006s (inter squad games)
  • 9/14 8:10-9:10am (Darien) 2007s-2008s (inter squad games)

Week Two and Three:  After the Week One tryouts, we will divide the Mites into two (or three) groups of similarly skilled players.  It is possible, if not probable that we will make a mistake or two during this first evaluation.  If we do, it will be obvious and we will fix it, so please be patient.  Apologies for the cliche, but "water always finds its own level" and our long tryout process should help us place your children on the right team for their skill and maturity level.  The schedule will be similar to that outlined above and the player assignments and final schedule for Week Two will be posted on the evening of 9/14.  During Week Three, we will continue to refine player placement in our tryout groups and certain of our players will face outside competition on September 27 and September 28 as a final step in the tryout process. 

Should you have any questions about the Mite tryout process or program, please reach out John Almeida ( ) or Eric Haley ( ).

A separate email will go out regarding tryout process (registration, team fees, etc.) for this group before our initial skate. 

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NY ISLANDERS vs. BOSTON BRUINS @ Bridgeport Arena (October 3)
by posted 08/07/2014


This event is now SOLD OUT but we have secured an extra fifty (50) tickets for our fellow Winter Club members. The Bridgeport Arena has already sold 150 tickets to Winter Club members.  

On Friday, October 3 at 7:30 PM at the Bridgeport Arena, the New York Islanders and Boston Bruins will be playing in a final preseason tune up game before the NHL regular season begins.  As a result of the the Winter Club's strong relationship with the Sound Tigers' organization, they are offering us a large group seating area in Section 113$40 per seat.  They have blocked out terrific seats for us that will make this game a fun one to watch. 

These extra seats will only be available until Tuesday, August 12 and tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  These tickets will be released back to the ticket office after this date and we will not have access to any additional seats for this game.  Please take advantage of this great opportunity!!!

To place an order, here are your two options:

1) Click on this DOCUMENTS tab on the left column of the Winter Club's home page.  Go to Islanders vs. Bruins Game folder and click on it.  Go to Order Form document and click on it.  Print out this ticket order form and complete the requested information.  Scan and email your form to: ALAYNE.MURPHY@HARBORYARDSE.COM

2) Call Alayne Murphy directly at 203-345-4819 to place your order.

All tickets will be mailed directly to your home.  Uunfortunately, Will Call will not be a viable option on October 3.  

Hockey Policy Committee

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JHL I and Mite Bs on the ice at the Arena (2.19.12)