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As a private club, our reputation is based on the quality of our membership. The behavior and conduct of each member reflects on the reputation of all members. Accordingly, all members should abide by, and expect each other member to abide by, certain standards of behavior when at the Club or when representing the Club at another facility.
The following Member Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Board of Governors to guide the membership in understanding their responsibilities in maintaining the good reputation our Club has earned over many years.
Winter Club members are expected to:
§          Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively upon them individually and the whole of the New Canaan Winter Club.  
§          Respect and uphold the Club’s history, culture, and good standing in the community.
§          Be familiar with and abide by rules and regulations in the membership handbook, including the Club’s by-laws, clubhouse rules, rink rules, Hardon Pond rules, and chaperone duties, and to respect the Club’s property and facilities.
§          Abide by the USA Hockey Code of Conduct and the Sport Parent Code of Conduct.
§          Display good sportsmanship conduct in all Club events, both on and off the ice whether at our rink or any other facility.
o         Sportsmanlike conduct includes showing respect and consideration in language and behavior toward all who are in attendance at an athletic event: officials, coaches, athletes, opponents, spectators, and the media.
o         Unsportsmanlike conduct includes inappropriate behavior in language, gesture, or action that demeans, physically intimidates, or endangers others, not just during athletic competition but also during other activities of the Club.
o         Good sportsmanship also implies winning with character and losing with dignity, both with class.
§         Respect the opinions, decisions, results and other determinations of referees, coaches, volunteers, program heads, committee members, employees, governors and rink managers: Justin Bartolo (NCWC) and Bruce Bartolo (DIH).
The Board of Governors believes that violations of this Member Code of Conduct or the Club’s rules and regulations could materially diminish the reputation of our Club. Any member who violates this Member Code of Conduct or the Club’s rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action which may include a warning, suspension of program participations, or expulsion from the Club.