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1.        All members must clean up after themselves.
2.        No roughhousing is permitted in the clubhouse.
3.        Use of cell phones is prohibited in the clubhouse.
4.        No pets allowed in the clubhouse. 
5.        Taking or “borrowing” of equipment that does not belong to you, without permission of the equipment’s owner, is grounds for suspension.
6.        Consumption of food is confined to the clubhouse in the dining area only. No food or beverage is allowed in the upholstered lounge section.
7.        No one may smoke in the clubhouse.
8.        Alcoholic beverages and drugs may not be brought onto Club property. Any person using Club facilities who is found in possession of, or to have used, alcohol or drugs either on Club property or on neighboring property will be suspended.
9.        The machinery room is off limits to all persons except the Rink Managers and other authorized personnel.
10.     Skate changing on wooden benches only!!  
11.     No hockey sticks allowed inside the clubhouse.
12.     Members and guests are required to exercise utmost quiet when leaving the club during late evening hours. The honking of automobile horns is prohibited.
13.     Fires may only be made by club manager or employees. 
14.     No playing or running in the parking lot at any time.
1.        Children 8 and under are required to wear a protective hat and mittens or helmets and gloves on the ice. It is strongly recommended that all children wear protective clothing.
2.        On the ice, there are always skaters of varying ages and levels of abilities, and it is extremely dangerous to skate out of control at any time. No tag, crack-the-whip, “keep away” or other dangerous games on the ice. 
3.        The use of cell phones or PDA’s is prohibited on the ice.
4.        No food or beverages on the ice. 
5.        No one is permitted on the ice when the Zamboni is in use.
6.        All partition hockey skaters must use the far door to enter/exit the rink.
7.        Hockey helmets, gloves, and masks must be worn at all times by children under 18 playing hockey in the main rink, in the partition, and on the pond.
8.        Pucks are NOT ALLOWED in general skating area. Pucks that get knocked from partition hockey area into general skating must be picked up and carried, not stick handled. 
9.        When there are too many skaters in the partition, or too diverse a range of ages, the manager on duty may, at his discretion, separate those in the partition into groups or take other appropriate action to facilitate the safe use of the rink by all skaters.
10.     Children under nine years of age are not allowed at the club unless accompanied by an adult member, or a brother, sister or “sitter” at least fourteen years of age. The Club cannot function as a day care center and young children should not be left on their own. When left at the rink for scheduled activities, young children should be picked up promptly at the conclusion of those activities.
11.     Adult members should not carry small children while skating as this is a dangerous practice.
12.     We all should cooperate with the Rink Managers and not delay them from leaving the rink when their regular hours are over. Please be sure to check closing times and be prompt in picking up your children.
13.     No guests allowed in partition hockey or full ice shinny hockey unless preapproved by the NCWC’s secretary.