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The Winter Club Hockey Program is designed to provide a seasonal hockey experience emphasizing skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship while preserving the character of the Club and its membership.  Members and their children participate in age and skill appropriate programs at the House, Travel and Adult levels.  Descriptions of the goals and objectives for each program follow.  All players and parents in these programs are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner demonstrating the proper deportment expected of Winter Club members to players, coaches, and competitors.


Mite Development Program

The Mite Development Program provides children, grades K through 4, with their first exposure to organized hockey.  Youngsters with basic skating skills participate in a structured instructional program designed to develop and enhance fundamental hockey skills while promoting sportsmanship and teamwork.  The program is designed to develop each player’s talent and self esteem in a positive environment.


 Senior House League

The Senior House League provides the opportunity for boys and girls, grades 5 through 9, to continue their hockey experience at a level below that required by the Club’s travel programs.  Participants include players who do not meet travel requirements and players who choose not to participate at the travel level.  The League is comprised of four/five teams and emphasis is placed on mutual enjoyment of hockey competition while providing continued instruction at age and skill appropriate levels.  Participants and their parents are expected to meet a level of commitment, which ensures that games are competitive and players have the opportunity to further develop their hockey skills. 

Women’s Hockey

The Women’s Hockey Program provides adult members with the opportunity to experience hockey at both the travel and house levels.  The program is designed to encourage maximum participation amongst the Club’s female members by providing experience at a more competitive travel level and a more relaxed, instructional house level.


 Men’s Hockey

The Men’s Hockey program provides adult members with both intraclub and interclub play.  The intraclub play is conducted in a relaxed, informal atmosphere providing players opportunities to enjoy the company of fellow members.  Interclub play provides three teams (B, C1, C2, 50+) with a more competitive level of play against rival clubs.  Team rosters are determined according to the skill level of the players who commit to participating in at least 75% of the scheduled contests.  Hockey time is usually scheduled three times a week, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Men’s Hockey Rules:

1.        No checking.  Absolutely no rough play.

2.        Protective equipment is recommended.  Players, 18 and under, must wear helmets and masks.

3.        No one under 15 may play unless given permission.