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ARTICLE I                    VOTING MEMBERS


The voting members of the Corporation shall consist of the Governors and such other persons who shall from time to time be elected as voting members by the Board of Governors.  The status, rights and privileges of voting members of the Corporation shall be distinct from the status, rights, and privileges of other members of the Club as provided for in Article V of these By-laws.  Such members of the Club shall not ipso facto be voting members of the Corporation.


ARTICLE II                   GOVERNMENT


SECTION 1.   The government and management of the Club shall be entrusted to a Board of Governors consisting of sixteen (16) persons, each of whom shall be either a member of the Club or the spouse of a member.


SECTION 2.   The Board of Governors shall be divided into two (2) classes of five (5) members each and one class of six (6).  Each class shall serve for a term of three (3) years and until the successors are elected and qualify.


SECTION 3.   All vacancies occurring on the Board of Governors may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Governors for the full unexpired term in which such vacancy occurs at any duly held meeting.


SECTION 4.   The Board of Governors shall have the usual powers, include the following:

  1. To make rules for their own government and by a majority vote to drop from the Board any member who shall have absented himself from three (3) consecutive meetings without having presented a satisfactory excuse for this absence to the Board.

  2. By a majority vote of the Board to elect officers as hereinafter provided and to remove any such officer by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board.

  3. By a majority vote of the Board to fill vacancies occurring in any office of the Club.

  4. By a majority vote of the Board to make such Club rules and regulations as the Board may deem advisable, including rules of the admission of visitors and guests.

  5. To admit members of the Club.

  6. By a vote of the majority of the Board to censure, suspend, or expel any member of the Club from the privileges of the Club for any violation of the by-laws or rules or for any conduct not in violation of the by-law or of a rule which, in the opinion of the Board, is improper and prejudicial to the reputation of the Club.

  7. To require members to fulfill their responsibility to chaperone as needed.




SECTION 1.   The Board of Governors at its last meeting after the conclusion of the skating season, but prior to the summer recess, shall elect from its number a president, two vice-presidents, one or two secretaries, and other such officers, who need not be members of the Board of Governors, as the Board shall deem necessary.  Such officers shall hold office for one (1) year, or until his/her successor shall be duly elected.


SECTION 2.   The Board of Governors shall also appoint or delegate to the president the power to appoint and define the rights and duties of committees for the various activities of the Club and such other committees as the Board may deem necessary to assist in the management of the Club.

SECTION 3.   The president shall preside at all meetings of the Club and over the Board of Governors; he shall have general supervision of the management of the Club; he shall perform all other duties incident to his office; and he shall be an ex officio member of all committees.

SECTION 4.   In the absence or disability of the president, either of both of the vice presidents shall perform and exercise the powers of the president and shall perform such other duties as may be imposed upon them by the Board of Governors.

SECTION 5.   The treasurer shall collect and receive all monies due the Club and shall have custody of its funds and securities; he or she shall keep the accounts of the Club; and he shall pay all bills of the Club.

SECTION 6. The secretary shall keep the minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors; he shall keep the records of the Club; he or she shall have custody of the seal; and otherwise perform usual duties pertaining to that office.

SECTION 7.   The president or a vice president, or treasurer shall execute all agreements and contracts on behalf of the Club.

SECTION 8. The funds in the Club’s bank accounts shall be subject to withdrawal by the officers in such manner as the Board of Governors may from time to time direct.



SECTION 1.   There shall be an annual meeting of the Club on or before the first day of December in each year at such time and place, as the president shall designate.


SECTION 2.   A majority of the voting members of the Corporation present in person or by proxy shall constitute a quorum.  If no quorum is present, the presiding officer shall adjourn the meeting to a later day and hour with the same effect as if held up on the stated day.


SECTION 3.   In addition to the annual meeting the president or a majority of the Board of Governors may call a special meeting of the Club at any time and place as the president or majority of the Board of Governors shall designate.


SECTION 4.   Notice of all meetings of the Club shall be given in writing or by telephone to the voting members of the Corporation at least two (2) days in advance of the meeting or such earlier time as shall be required by law.


SECTION 5.   Each year the Board of Governors shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of two (2) voting members of the Club, and one (1) other member of the Club.  The nominating committee shall nominate candidates to be voted on for the Board, and officer candidates for the coming year.  Subject to the provisions of Article II, Section 1, any member of the Club in good standing shall be eligible for elections to the Board of Governors.  Nominations so made by the nominating committee shall not be exclusive. Additional candidates may be nominated at the same board meeting when nominating committee recommendations are presented.  At that meeting, the election of governors and officers shall be by ballot.  A candidate must receive the votes of a majority of then serving board members to be elected. 




SECTION 1.  The membership of the Club shall be limited to two hundred and fifty (250) regular members, twenty-five (25) special members, (125) one hundred and twenty-five limited-use members, and fifteen (15) non-resident members, the terms and conditions of whose memberships shall be determined by the Board of Governors. The secretary shall certify to the Board of Governors, upon request, the number of members in the Club.


SECTION 2.  Persons twenty-one (21) years of age and over shall be eligible for election as regular members.  Membership shall include Club privileges for spouses, and unmarried children under the age of twenty-three (23) years residing at home or away at school.


SECTION 3.  Anyone applying for Limited-Use Membership must: (1) have been regular members in good standing for at least seven years, and (2) have no children participating in either the figure skating or hockey programs.  The maximum number of Limited-Use Members shall be no more than 125, with the number to be accepted in any one year to be set annually by the Board of Governors.  Club privileges shall be the same as a Regular Member.  Membership shall include privileges for spouses and unmarried children under the age of (23) years.


SECTION 4.  The time to change membership status will be during the month of February in the year in which the change in classification of membership desired.  Members wishing to change membership status to Limited-Use Membership should provide written notice to the Chairman of the Membership Committee, stating that all criteria have been met.  ALL membership changes MUST be made before April 1st unless communication regarding any special considerations (e.g. child applying to private school, possible move, etc.) is made to and granted by the Chairman of the Membership Committee.


SECTION 5.  Non-Resident Membership is available to a limited number of Regular, Limited-Use or Special Members in good standing, whose principal residence is not within a 100 mile radius of New Canaan.  Club privileges will be the same as Regular members, provided that Club usage by such members is consistent with non-resident status.  Applicants should write to the Chairman of the Membership Committee before April 1 of the year in which change in membership is desired requesting Non-Resident Membership, and stating the reason for the request and giving the new address.


In the event that a Non-Resident Member moves their principal residence to within a 100 mile radius of New Canaan, such Non-Resident Member may either resign, or else declare to the Membership Committee their intent to transfer to either Regular, Limited, or Special membership, at which point such member shall be re-admitted through the normal membership process, and may be placed at or near the top of the new member wait list, at the discretion of the Membership Committee.


If the Non-Resident Member chooses to transfer to Limited or Special membership and then wishes to change back to Regular Membership they will re-join the waiting list at the bottom along with other prospective members.


SECTION 6.  Anyone being considered for Special Membership must be: (1) a current full-time New Canaan Country School Teacher or Administrator; (2) a travel team coach (proposed by the Hockey Policy Committee); (3) a director of hockey, a director of junior hockey, or figure skating professional; or (4) a full-time, salaried employee of the New Canaan Police or Fire Department, or full-time, salaried clergy member in New Canaan, all of whom shall reside in the Town of New Canaan.  Special Members will be assessed Special Member annual dues and all applicable program fees. Special Members may invite guests in accordance with the Club’s guest policy.  Children of Special Members may participate in the Club’s travel hockey program, upon approval of the Board.  Travel coaches are not permitted to coach their own children unless approved by the Board.  It is also understood that anybody applying for special membership under category 4 above shall, before being admitted as a Special Member, be introduced to the Club in accordance with the membership procedure outlined in Article VII of these By-Laws.  It is understood once said application is complete and approved by the membership committee, said applicant’s name shall be submitted to the Board for immediate admittance.


Special Membership is an annual contract, which shall be reviewed by the Board of Governors once a year in September.  Such annual review shall assess the status of and consider recommendations, if any, with respect to the specific Special Members.  It is the expectation of the Board of Governors that, after three years, Special Members shall transfer their membership status to Regular Membership.


Article VI                    ADMISSIONS AND RESIGNATIONS


SECTION l.  The Board of Governors shall in each year appoint a Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee shall, subject to Board approval, have power to determine the rules and procedures to be followed with respect to the admission of regular, special, and limited-use members.       


SECTION 2.  All resignations must be made in writing to the Board of Governors, or the Chairman of the Membership Committee by March 31 of the year in which resignation is desired.  No resignation shall be accepted until all indebtedness to the Club of the member resigning shall have been discharged.  Any regular member desiring to resign or change membership status from the Club must do so before April 1st.  Requests received after April 1st are subject to a $500 penalty.  The above procedures shall also apply to any membership transfers.


SECTION 3.  Upon the death of a member leaving a surviving spouse, the membership of said member shall be transferred to said spouse automatically and immediately.


Article VII                    MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURE


SECTION 1.  Any Regular member, in good standing, who has been a member for at least one season, may propose, second or write letters of support for a candidate.  A Limited use member may write letters of support for, but may not propose or second prospective members.  Members wishing to propose a candidate should download an application from the NCWC Web Site. It is the proposer's responsibility to coordinate and submit the candidate's application, including the request of supporting letters from others. Proposing members are strongly encouraged to introduce the prospective candidate and his/her spouse to three or more members of the Membership Committee during periodic gatherings arranged for this purpose or informally at the club or elsewhere.


SECTION 2.  Proposing, seconding, and supporting, letters should refer to the length of time the writer has known the applicant (husband, wife and children).  Letters written by social acquaintances will be most helpful to the Membership Committee.  Letters should indicate which programs the family may participate in and include background information on community and other activities that will serve as an indication of likelihood that the applicant will support the Club beyond use of the facilities. The Membership Committee reserves the right to ask for additional supporting letters, or information should it be deemed necessary.  Please submit the entire application at one time (including all sponsor letters and website application) via regular mail to:


                                      Katrina Parkhill, NCWC Membership Chair             

                                      194 Sunset Hill Road

                                      New Canaan, CT  06840


SECTION 3.  The maximum number of proposing, seconding and supporting letters the Committee will accept, from any member during any twelve month period, will be six.  Within that limit, the number of proposing letters will be two.  That twelve-month period aside, members may have no more than two proposals pending acceptance at one time.      


SECTION 4.  Members of the Membership Committee and spouses will be prohibited from writing letters proposing, seconding or supporting applications.


SECTION 5.  All candidates who have been proposed and approved for membership in the Club are expected to join at that time.  However, in the event a newly approved candidate desires to defer admission for up to one year, such candidate will be permitted to do so, and will maintain a position ahead of other candidates on the membership wait list.  Any membership deferral in excess of one year must be approved by the Board.



All dues, assessments, initiation fees, and special membership rates shall be established, and revised from time to time, by the Board of Governors.


Article IX                     INDEBTEDNESS AND PENALTIES


SECTION 1.  Any member who shall fail to pay the initiation fee or dues within thirty (30) days after having been notified of his election, or by such later date or dates as the treasurer shall have agreed to, shall be considered to have forfeited his right to membership unless such failure shall be excused by the Board.


SECTION 2.  All dues, assessments, initiation fees, program and other related membership charges are due and payable within thirty (30) days of mailing.  Interest will be charged on any outstanding balances beyond thirty (30) days.  As soon as practical after the first day of each month, a notice shall be sent to each member stating the amount of his indebtedness for the preceding months and requesting him to pay the same before the first day of the next succeeding month.  If such indebtedness shall not have been paid within the time specified in the notice requesting payment, a final notice may be sent to such member.  If such indebtedness shall not be paid within two (2) weeks thereafter, then, unless in the judgment of the officers of the Club there are good and sufficient reasons for the delinquency, the delinquent, without further action on the part of the officers or the Board of Governors, may be forthwith suspended from membership in the Club.  Additionally, any member who has a balance outstanding from the prior season and/or from the annual dues which will be billed in the month of April prior to the start of the season will be unable to register any family member in any Club program until the balance is paid in full.  Upon payment of such indebtedness, the delinquent may be restored to membership only by the affirmative action of the Board of Governors, taken at any regular or special meeting.


SECTION 3.  A member introducing a person to the Club as a visitor or guest shall be liable for all charges incurred by such visitor or guest.




SECTION 1.  Any member of the Club may introduce as a visitor to the Club a non-resident houseguest by requesting an invitation to be issued to such visitor.  The period for which any such invitation shall be issued may, at the discretion of the secretary, be up to, but not more than fifteen (15) days, and any such invitation shall be issued to the same person only once a year.


This privilege is for out-of-town houseguests residing more than 50 miles from New Canaan.  The fee is $16.00 per person.


SECTION 2.  Guests of members may be admitted to the privileges of the Club only when accompanied by such member, on such terms and conditions as the Board of Governors may prescribe.  Guests may not use the club more than two days in a single month.


Partition hockey or full-ice shinny hockey is NOT open to guests.  Exceptions will be made for out of town visiting family members that are "approved" by the NCWC’s Secretary.  There is a guest fee of $5.00.  A member must register each guest before he is allowed to skate.  For each violation of this rule an extra guest fee will be charged to the member.  Members are asked to explain this to their children.


SECTION 3.  The Board of Governors may from time to time, for terms and on conditions to be fixed by it, extend the privileges of the Club to such other persons or organizations, as it shall determine.


 DUES FOR 2017-2018


                   Dues, payable annually, are as follows:


Regular Members                                                $2,600.00*

Limited-Use Members                                               750.00*

Special Members                                                      350.00*

Non-Resident Members                                             200.00*

Initiation Fees                                                       8,500.00


*plus 10% CT sales tax


Dues will be billed in April payable within 30 days.  Additional charges are made per participant for all programs.