Membership Status Change Period

The annual membership change period begins in late January. Three email reminders will be sent to the membership during this time. This three-week period is the only time that members may make changes to their membership status without penalty.

  • Regular members of 7+ years may transfer to Limited membership.
  • Regular and Limited members may transfer to Non-Resident membership.
  • Any member may resign from the club.

Note: all balances must be cleared before transferring membership or requesting resignation from the Club.

Membership Status

Regular Members have full access to all club programs and general skate sessions.

Limited Members (eligible after seven years of Regular membership) may participate in adult hockey, general skate sessions, and club-wide events.  Children of Limited members may no longer register for any hockey or skating programs, but they may continue to participate in general skate sessions.

Special Membership is available to the New Canaan Police and/or Fire Department, local clergy, and full-time faculty members at New Canaan Country School.  Occasionally, Special Membership is offered to families of coaches and instructors at the club.

Non-Resident Members are Regular or Limited members who have transferred out of the area but would like to retain membership for occasional visits and/or possible relocation back to Fairfield County.

Member Transfers are closed. Please check back next season.