Any member who has been a Regular member for a full skating season may propose, second, or support a candidate. Limited members may second or support a candidate. The maximum number of letters the Committee will accept from any member during any 12-month period is six. Within that limit, the maximum number of proposing letters is two. The 12-month period aside, members may have no more than two proposals pending acceptance at one time.

Requirements Below


The proposer should guide the candidate to the Membership section of the Club’s website for information and the link to the online application. The candidate should complete the application and notify their proposer upon doing so. It is then up to the proposer to help identify and secure three additional letters in support of the candidate (a seconder and two other letters of support).  The candidate should inform the proposer of other Winter Club families who may be able to write letters on their behalf but should not contact those families directly.


Four Required Letters

In addition to the application, four letters are required: one proposing, one seconding, and two supporting.

Letters should refer to the length of time the writer has known the candidate and their family members.  Letters should also note which programs the family will likely join and include relevant information on community and other activities in which the candidate is involved. When possible, letters should comment on the candidate’s character and how they may add to the Club’s culture.

Submitting the Completed File

The proposer has two options:

1. Email the four letters in one envelope to: in one email (preferred).


2. Mail the four letters in one envelope to:

Kate Reilly
124 Elm Place
New Canaan, CT 06840


Please email Kate at to let her know the hard copy file is coming, and she will confirm when it arrives.

While Being Reviewed

While on the waiting list, proposing members are strongly encouraged to introduce the prospective candidate and his/her spouse to three or more members of the Membership Committee informally at the club or elsewhere.

The Membership Committee meets periodically to review applications. The Membership Committee reserves the right to ask for additional supporting letters or information if necessary. The waiting list for admission to the club is approximately 2 years.

Membership Committee

Ward Savage

Jamie Collingham